Don’t cheap out on tripods.

We all know those three legged things called tripods. They come in different sizes, colours, weights, material and so on. Some come with, and some come without a head. You can can tripods for around 20€, and there’s no real end to prices.

Where colours and height are more personal preferences, I would never again buy a 20€ tripod. I had one, so I know what I’m talking about.

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Going back home.

Yesterday was my last day in Hesse. I spent most of the time on the visitors’ platform on the airport.

After I went to a supposedly better viewing area and had to pay for a new train ticket.

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A day at FSG 2017.

Yesterday evening I set out on what was supposed to be a great adventure with some friends. We departed Clausthal at around 9 pm to drive to Frankfurt/ Main. That would be our base station for the next few days. My friends dropped me off at the hostel at around 1 am today. And we wanted to meet by 8 am to arrive in Hockenheim at around 9. It was a bad night. I couldn't fall asleep, and I woke up early. But I made the rejoin time with just minor delay. And so we set off to Hockenheim.

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New post on 500px: On my way to work.

1 year.

A few days ago, this blog had its one year blogversary. Sadly, I was deeply uninspired in the past few weeks.
Now I'm going to try to force me to write one to two articles per week.
Maybe it will work. Thanks for staying with me.

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New post on 500px: Dundas square

New post on 500px: FDNY 10 House