Building race cars as a hobby (Formula SAE). 

Ever since I saw that mean green racing machine at my university’s (Clausthal University of Technology) freshman welcome fair, I wanted to join in. I wanted to join my university’s formula student/ FSAE team. 
And just a few weeks later, I dropped by the workshop for my first team meeting. 

I finally was an official member of the Green Voltage Racing Team, but I yet had to find my task. 

So I volunteered to do the teams Facebook posts. I later got joined by some more people, actually one person, to form something like a PR team. 

I then also joined the sponsoring team to get us much needed security equipment and (more PR like) get us some roll ups for our rollout that we had last week.

And I even built a valuable part for the car: it’s cockpit plate. 

I had some help laminating the sandwich CFK. I then cutted the CFK (messing up the first version) and fitted it, again with some help, to the cars steering fixture in the front hoop. 

And that’s why I love building race cars. You get to do all kinds of stuff, you can meet amazing people and you’ll get some industry insights through industry sponsors (even though that doesn’t really apply to me, since I study geoenvironmental engineering). 

Visit my teams website or facebook


Building race cars is more than just a hobby, it’s a passion. 

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