For many people the ongoing RAW vs JPEG debate is quite a delicate matter. 

But not for me. 

I shoot RAW since I got my first DSLR back in December 2015, and I never came back to JPEG ever since. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still shoot JPEG on my iPhone (because it doesn’t do RAW… yet) and I also export it to share, but my DSLR never saw a JPEG in it’s whole life. 

But as with everything, there are some pros and cons. 


  • size (buffer and card fill noticeably faster when shooting RAW)

  • needs to be converted to share online 

  • (can’t think of more)


  • it’s like film, capturing what there is 

  • because of the significantly higher data count compared to JPEG, you can get more out of it after the fact (but you’ll still need the eyes to see the world and capture it that way)

  • your camera doesn’t have to do what you can probably do better in Lightroom 

I know my list is short, but it’s just what I think and what I experienced. Some people might argue that RAW needs more editing/ tweaking, but I think the edit is what makes a picture uniquely yours. 

And so I may end with the words of Jared Polin: I shoot RAW. 

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