Beautiful words that describe a desire to travel. 

There are literally hundreds of languages around the world, maybe even thousands. 

And since every single one of those has ‘untranslatable’ phrases, of course also about travel, I decided to list my favourite ones. 

  • Fernweh (German)

Fernweh is pretty much the exact opposite of Heimweh (homesickness). It describes the desire to travel. People who experience Fernweh usually have it hard to stay in one place for a longer time. (This definitely suits me well)

  • Resfeber (Swedish)

 Resfeber pretty much translates to ‘travel fever’. It’s best described by the feeling of restlessness that many people encounter before longer travels. It’s when you can’t fall asleep the evening before or go over your luggage countless times to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. 

  • Trouvaille (French)

Trouvaille is when you discover something amazing by wandering around. 

  • Wanderlust (English)

I know this isn’t exactly ‘untranslatable’, since it’s already English. But I really do love this word. It’s kind of like Fernweh, but for me, it stands more for the desire to wander off the beaten path. I think it pretty much consists of all the above: the desire to go somewhere new (Fernweh) due to a feeling of restlessness (Resfeber). 

I know that you might expected more than just 4 words, but these are just the ones I love the most. And this list will be updated as my wanderlust is not going to go away for now. It’s kind of like the best incurable ‘disease’ one can have. 

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