I struggled with blogging. 

When I went to Canada for my working holiday experience, I had plans to blog about my travels and experiences. (More on that later.)

That never really happened, and very few posts came to life on my blogger (link). 

That didn’t happen because nothing of interest happened. That certainly wasn’t the case. 

I just didn’t bother doing it. 

With university and work going well, having loads of new friends and hobbies and, more importantly after participating in the building of a fully electric race car, I felt like I have more to share. So I started a new Instagram. And it went very well. In fact, it still does. I also started a 500px to showcase my rediscovered passion: photography. 

But I figured that that wasn’t enough. So on the first day of August 2016, I finally started my first real blog

And I’m not going to stop just yet. 

So let the blogging continue and let’s all see the world. The way I see it if you stay with me, that is. 

Oh… and since politics are a quite delicate topic, I don’t talk politics. 

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