The coolest recycled gear… ๐Ÿš’

is made from firefighting gear. 

My family has a history in volunteer firefighting in Germany, the longest being my grandpa with over 60 years, about 30-40 thereof in active service (may he rest in peace), his father even making it to fire chief. 

So I naturally grew a great interest in everything fire department. 

And of course there’ll always be gear that’s broken/ old and can’t be used anymore. But why throw it away, when you can make a whole lot of cool stuff from it. 

These are my favourite companies that recycle used firefighting equipment:

  1. Feuerwear (from Germany) makes wallets, messenger bags and more from used fire hoses. This material makes the accessories very unique, since each and every fire hose has it’s own blemishes. 
  2. Recycled Firefighter (USA) also makes wallets and bags, but instead of old hoses, they use bunker gear, vinyl, leather and other top notch materials. 
  3. Black Helmet Apparel (USA) do custom NFPA protective gear (under Black Helmet Supply) and also do wallets etc. from that material. And they also have shirts and more with their skull logo (which looks rad) and poster prints. 

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