What I did in New York City. 

(April 9-12, 2015)

When I first traveled to New York City from Vancouver, Canada, I flew into Newark via Toronto. 

I head to make three different hostel reservations for three different nights at the same hostel, because one room was available on the first and last, but not on the second. So I had to re check in every night. But that was no problem.

The first thing I found out: the US have a one dollar coin. The second: New Yorkers are friendlier than I thought. 

The first thing I used my NY Pass on, was Madam Tussauds wax cabinet. That was also all I did on the first day. 

On the second day I took a bus trip (grey line) and visited several attractions. First I visited Central Park, then I went up to the top of the rock (at Rockefeller Centre), took a guided tour of the area and visited Radio City Music Hall. 

I then checked into the hostel again. 

I had planned to visit the Intrepid Museum, but it had already just closed its doors as I arrived. Luckily I met some quite nice people and took a harbour lights tour with them (they never sent me the pictures they promised, probably a typo on my email address). 

I also visited the Empire State Building that evening, but my camera battery had died. 

The next day I finally came to visit the Intrepid the next morning. 

I then decided to visit the 9/11 Tribute Centre and the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum. The electrified atmosphere there gave me quite the shivers, and I got a little head mad at all the selfie taking people there. 

I then took the subway back to Times Square to take a nightly sightseeing bus trip. 

I had a five guys burger with fries that evening. And it was a great burger. 

The next morning I took the megabus back to Toronto, Canada to finish of my year abroad and to make ends meet. I closed my bank account and quit my phone contract and left the Americas for good on the 16th April 2016. For now. 

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