My favourite farmers market. 

The Bergbauernmarkt in Clausthal-Zellerfeld is held every Thursday, from May to October, starting at 5pm local time. (Website (German))

You can get a variety of local foods and drinks (spirits that is) there, but international specialties, for example from Hungary(still made local), are also served there. 

(Kürtőskalács – ‘chimney cake’ – Hungarian/ Transsilvanian, rolled in cinnamon)

You can get honey from the local beekeeper, Meat from a very fine butcher (from Lüneburg), a variaty of handmade candy, candles, cleaning devices for radiators made from goats hair and pretty much anything you may think of. Including fresh ground coffee from a roastery in Bad Lauterberg. 

You can even get horse meat from the local horse butcher. (I prefer beef though.)

You really can get almost anything. 

But it can get quite crowded. So if you don’t like crowds, I’ve warned you. 

What’s your favourite farmers market? Leave a comment and let me know. 

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