Hockenheim FSG: More pictures. 

(That’s just me)

(Hamburg celebrates the event even though their E-team got a DNF)

(Some seats)

(Love this car)

(The winning DUT16 car from Delft)

(The Swedish car that broke)

(The broken Swedish car being pulled off the course)

(The pit lane)

(A part of the main circuit)

(DTM Safety Car)

(The Oxford Brookes car)

(The Car that burned out in front of the big screen)

(A DJI Inspire drone)

(On the road to the event)

I’m sorry that some pictures are quite with a distance. Don’t had a tele lens with me, as I don’t own a good one (with AF) yet. 

PS: DNF is a motor sport term standing for ‘Did not finish’. 

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