Why I like black and white portraiture. 

I really love colours in photography. 

I also love colour in portraits like this one:

(A sports portrait of Croco)

But sometimes I just feel like doing black and white. Sometimes it just feels right. Sometimes black and white is the only way to go. Like with this pic:

(It’s actually a DSLR selfie)

It really didn’t look right in colour. And since I’m shooting RAW on my camera, I can pretty much tweak a picture in anyway I want to using Adobe’s Creative Cloud (Photoshop or Lightroom) or free apps like Snapseed on mobile (I actually used Snapseed on this one). 

I love black and white because of it’s purity. I would (almost) never use it for landscapes though, as I love nature in all it’s colourful, faceted beauty. Black and white just can’t keep up with that. But for portraits it works just fine. 

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