Why perspective is key. 

You see something you like. You take a picture. And here’s what differs a photograph from a snapshot: 

The perspective. 

You can do a lot of fun stuff in post, like changing the ligh, colour, exposure etc.

But you can not change your perspective/ composition. You need to think about that before you take the shot. Because this important part of the image becomes pretty much permanent (even though you can make slight adjustments to perspective, you really shouldn’t do more than adjusting the horizon). 

(This is a snapshot of the new Mercedes AMG GT R)

(And this is a photograph of it)

(Disclaimer: both pictures are shot by me)

See the difference? 

The first picture is more of a ‘oh, nice car, let me snap a pic’ kind of situation. The perspective on it is rather boring/ snapshot standard. It’s the sort of picture you see on every wiki on cars, or on every used car website. 

For the second picture I played with perspective a bit. I got down low in front of the car and snapped pretty much in an upward angle. It’s a more unique way of photography. Perspective really can make a shot your shot. And it’s kind of my thing to shoot cars from down low. 

Like in this one:

I really love this perspective. 

So choose yours wisely and tell me your favourite perspective in the comments down below. 

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