My favourite cities (that I’ve been to) worldwide. 

I really love secluded lakes and tend to enjoy the countryside quite a lot. 

But sometimes I just need the hustle of the big city. 

Here are my favourite cities worldwide (in no particular order):

Berlin, Germany 

Some people love it, some hate it. I do both. I really love Germany’s capital city because it’s full of live and there’s always something happening. It also has a rich history and a lot of culture to offer. 

But there’s also a lot of filth in the city, from desolate buildings in the east to prostitution in the west and heavy riots every year at May 1 (Tag der Arbeit). 

Hamburg, Germany 

Hamburg really is a beautiful city. It’s definitely one of my favourite. Hamburg is Europes city with the highest number of bridges, having even more than Amsterdam and Venice, counting at over 2300. I really love the vibe of this city. Even though (or maybe because of) I’ve never visited the Reeperbahn district. 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Amsterdam is a culturally rich city and the capital of the Netherlands (even though the government sits in Den Haag). There are plenty of canals and the cities centre is even called the ‘seventeenth century canal ring’. There are plenty of little pubs and plenty of museums at Museumsplein (like the Rijksmuseum). The Amsterdam sign is in front of that museum. The Anne Frank House is also located right in the canal ring, at Prinsengraacht. 

Utrecht, The Netherlands 

Utrecht is a very beautiful city and I enjoyed it a lot. You can also enjoy some authentic Roti right next to the Domkerk. 

New York City, NY, USA

New York City is the largest city I’ve ever been to. And I absolutely loved it. Even though it experienced quite a few blows in the last two decades, it had rebuilt it self quite well, and it’s standing strong. 

And I really loved Central Park. 

Vancouver, BC, Canada 

I really love Vancouver. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And if you’ve got enough and need a break, just visit Stanley Park or take a ferry over to Vancouver Island. Or just drive up to Whistler for a weekend?

Also visit the Granville Island Public Market. 

Victoria, BC, Canada 

Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia and the biggest city on Vancouver Island. I really liked it there. 

You can go whale watching from there and it’s harbour is also an airport. 

Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

I’ve been to Toronto for the first time in April 2014, and for the last time in April 2015. Toronto currently is my world favourite when it comes to cities. I also love the Filmfestival (TIFF, Toronto International Filmfestival), and I volunteered in the 2014 edition. 

You should definitely visit the Toronto Islands, High Park, the AGO and ROM, the hockey hall of fame, CN Tower, Kensington Market, the U of T campus and St. Lawrence Market. 

Montreal, Quebec, Canada 

I came to Montreal pretty much through accident. But I never regretted it. Even though some people aren’t to good with English speakers, I encountered some of those, I really liked it a lot. Montreal has a very nice old city centre and a beautiful Island park (former Olympic Park (1976)) to offer. The mountain that gives this city it’s name (Mont Royal) is also worth a hike. 

Åmål, Dalsland, Sweden 

Åmål is a very small, very beautiful city at the lake Vänern in Sweden. 

Cologne, Germany 

Cologne isn’t really my favourite city. But it definitely has its good sides. You can definitely have a great time here. 

Karlstad, Värmland, Sweden

I really enjoyed Karlstad quite a few times. I really want to go back to this city and the country of Sweden. Maybe I’ll go there next summer. 

Cities that didn’t make the list:

  • Cassel, Germany
  • Bremen, Germany 
  • Hanover, Germany 
  • Göttingen, Germany 
  • Malmö, Sweden (since I haven’t been there a lot)
  • Arvika, Sweden 
  • Gospić, Lika-Senj, Croatia 

What’s your favourite city? Tell me in the comments down below. 

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