What about Sweden?

Sweden is the largest Scandinavian country that’s completely in Europe (Greenland belongs to Denmark, but isn’t on the European continental shelf). IKEA comes from Sweden. Avicii comes from Sweden. A lot of cool stuff (like the 3point safety belt, from Volvo) come from Sweden.

And I really love the Swedish language.

But I also love the lakes, the people, the food and those little red houses. The nicest cops I ever encountered where Swedish (I just had to ask for directions).

There’s a rich fauna, with quite the possibility of a moose/ deer/ beaver/ badger crossing the road right in front of you. So you better drive carefully. You’d also do better by obeying the speed limits, as there are a lot of random speed controls. And when you pass a stationary radar station, there’s quite the possibility of a mobile one right after the next bend.

There’s also quite a flora going on right beside every road. In most areas, you can just stop and find heaps of berries, ranging from blueberries over raspberries, blackberries and strawberries right where you step. If you’re lucky, you can also find smultron. Smultron are smaller, sweeter Jordgubbars (Strawberries in Swedish), and they are really quite delicious.

There’s also a really nice word for travellers: Resfeber, what pretty much means the anxiety/ angst that you forgot something before you go on a longer journey.

But my favourite Swedish word to day is Livsnjutare (German: Frohnatur). It best describes a person who is drunk with life/ who is a joy junkie.

Here are some pictures:

(Near Säffle)

(In Nysäter)

(In Karlstad)

(Åmåls Gasthamn)

(A lone moose

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