What I love about Amsterdam.

I’ve been to Amsterdam twice since June 2015.

I’ve stayed at the Urban Campsite on Centrumeiland/ Ijburg from June 5-8 2015 and then spent one more night in a hostel near the Sloterdijk train station. My second visit to Amsterdam was for New Years Eve 2015. I came to love Amsterdam quite a bit. And because of that, and since I still have money on my OV chipcard (public transportation card of all of The Netherlands), it is valid until 2022 by the way, I’ll definitely return to the city an tze ij.

There are so many canals (graachten) in Amsterdam, that I could spend days just wandering around crossing bridges and standing in the path of many cyclists (fietsers in dutch). And the buildings around the city centre are just picturesque.

There are also a lot of museums to visit, and I haven’t visited many of them at all.

Here’s a short list:

  • Rijksmuseum
  • Anne Frank House
  • EYE Filmuseum
  • Tulip museum

As you can see, my list is very short.

On new years I had the best view over the city: I visited the SkyLounge at the Dubble Tree Hotel (by Hilton) near the Amsterdam Centraal Train Station.

Amsterdam Centraal is one of the most beautiful train stations in the world in my opinion. There is also a small cheese shop (Henri Willig – Cheese and More) in the concourse that connects the train platforms to the busses and Ij ferries.

How do you like Amsterdam? Tell me in the comments down below!
More pictures coming up soon.

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