Doing research can be difficult. 

Especially if you try to do it in national archives. And they have computer issues. 

Then you register yourself with the archive and submit your data request. The nice people at the archive grant your request and you start searching their registry. And that is where the trubble starts:

  1. You find what you are looking for. 
  2. You save that and that archival in your kart. 
  3. You go to your kart to place an order for those archivals. 
  4. The page tells you that you don’t have permission, even though you just had your permission request granted. 
  5. Then you log out and back in. 
  6. It doesn’t work. 
  7. The archiver reboots the system. 
  8. The second archiver is already on the way to get you the archival you ordered so that you can at least have a look. 
  9. Suddenly the computer starts working again and you can place your order. By the time the is granted, the archival has arrived at your desk. 
  10. You find out that the archival is all loose paper, because they had to remove the metal clips holding them together for rust issues. 
  11. The archive closes. 

Exactly that happened to me and a few friends several times. Just because the computer system won’t work you don’t really get to do research before closing time. Every time. Because opening times are short (for example from 9-12 and from 2-3.30). So better find out what you need and place your order ahead of time. So that you can actually get to do some real work. 

What’s your research experience, especially with things that aren’t available on the internet for various reasons? Tell me in the comments down below. 

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