What camera I use.

What what do I use, you may ask, and why?
My camera started malfunctioning after I dropped it in a lake in 2014. (It was a Sony DSC-HX20v)

Even though it still worked (in fact it still does), I wanted to have something new, something better.

But obviously, there are several models and manufacturers to choose from.

My final choosing though was between two Canon DSLRs, a Sony DSLM and a Sony Compact.

Both Sonys were too expensive (a6000 and RX100 MkII). I didn’t have the money, and I didn’t want to spend a grand.

So one day, I visited my local electronics store. They had both an EOS 1200d and an EOS 100d on display. I compared both and decided to buy the higher-specced camera, and it even was on sale. But I still didn’t have enough cash in the bank.

So I pitched the idea to my mother. I thought to borrow the money I needed from her, but in the end I got my to give her less than I had saved up for the camera, and got the rest of it as a Christmas gift.

That’s how I got the Camera I’m now wandering the streets with my, that’s how I got my Canon EOS 100d (known as Rebel SL1 in the Americas) with its kit lens. I then got me a fifty-millimetre prime (Canon’s f/1.8 STM Version) and a tele lens (Canon’s EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM).

The best camera is the one you have with you.

— Chase Jarvis

This quote holds especially true to me: when I don’t have my DSLR with me, I just use my iPhone 6s. 

What camera do you use? Tell me in the comments down below.

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