I wish I had a cottage. 

Canadians have their cottages. Americans have their weekend/ summer homes. Swedes have their stugas. My father has a stuga. 

But I wish I had a small retreat just for myself/ myself and friends that isn’t thousands of kilometres away. I wish I had a very small hut somewhere off the grid. I which shutting off could really mean just that. 

That’s why I enjoyed my time in Algonquin Park. Where there is no cell service whatsoever. 

I don’t had my own cabin up there, but I had very limited contact to any kind of civilization. Except for some friends and co-workers that is. And it was so nice. 

There was no need to be connected all the time. When someone wanted something they radioed or came over. 

There was also no dead battery anxiety. What do you need a charged phone for when there’s no cell coverage. 

And we weren’t cut off totally after all. There where three pay phones and an internet trailer (even though we had limited access and even more limited bandwidth). 

But guess what? I don’t needed any of that, except for booking a bus for the end of season and some random calls to my family. 

Don’t let the internet make us forget who we are. Don’t let anyone tell you who you are. Be different, be weird, be unique. Just stay true to who you are. 

Sometimes we just need some time off the grid to get back on it with a fresh set of eyes. 

Keep those no cell coverage areas alive, as we all could use some time of good old fashioned ‘Stone Age’ days, so that we can just reflect on who we are and what we became. 

Enjoy the tranquility. Enjoy the water. Enjoy the hiking. Enjoy the whatever. 

But have fun doing it. 

Enjoy your life, I sure do so. 

— Rant over. 

PS: This is not meaning that I quit blogging or hate the internet. I used think we all could use some time of getting lost. Not to be connected all the time can be quite rewarding:)

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