Stolpersteine: little memories for countless people. 

Stumbling blocks are small, cobblestone shaped, brassen memorials (> website). 

Usually they are found in front of houses where Jews hid/ lived/ worked during the times of the Third Reich. I have seen them in Germany and in the Netherlands, but according to their website it’s a European Art Project dedicated to preserving the bitter memories of that time. And usually they read this:

(Here lived Emil Hochberg, born 1874, deported 1943 to Auschwitz, murdered August 26, 1943)

But sometimes they have a more happy inscription, like this one here:

(Felix Hamburger worked here. He was born in 1896. The Nazis forced him to quit his business in 1936. He got arrested in 1938. He was brought to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, from where he fled in 1939. He escaped to the US and survived the war.)

Being a German, and knowing what happened to the Jews and many others between 1933 and 1945, I wish more people would have had the luck of Felix Hamburger (> Felix means ‘the lucky one’ in Latin). I wish more people would have had the chance to escape the hell that they went through. 

Let’s never forget what happened back then. 
But apparently some people kind of did. 

See all those refugee camps? For example those in France? Or around Syria? Where people are crammed into containers and tends, with no adequate access to water and food? Those people fled one hell to come to another. 

That’s why we have to put an end to that war. We have to save humanity from hell once again. We can’t just watch. 

But this is only one humble opinion. What do you think? Tell me in the comments down below. 

And as always:

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