Tips for traveling: The Netherlands 

The Netherlands are a beautiful country. I’ve been there twice since June 2016. I’ve visited Amsterdam, Utrecht and a place called Bunnik. And yes, I’ve seen the tulips and tried on some wooden shoes. They are far more comfortable than they might seem. 

I’ve also made some Dutch friends. I even understand some Dutch words and phrases, but I struggle to speak that language. 

I really loved it there, and I will definitely return. So here are a few tips to help you get along. 


(Amsterdam Centraal Train Station)

  • Get yourself an OV chip card. This card is used as the main payment for public transportation. In fact, it’s the only way to board a bus, train or tram. It’s valid all over the Netherlands, and that’s what makes it convenient to carry one. Downside is, that in order to board a train, you need to have at least 20€ on your card. And don’t forget to check out when you leave your transit. I have about 15€ left on mine, and it’s valid until 2020. 
  • It’s easier to get around with public transportation than it is with your car. Some streets even have extra tram lanes. 
  • You should definitely rent a bike, called ‘fiets’ in Dutch, and get around like a real Dutchman/ Dutchess. It’s the best way to explore the cities and the countryside. 
  • Obay the speed limit. Tickets are quite expensive. The speed limit in cities is 50, and on the Dutch Autobahn it’s 100km/h. 


(At Mueseumsplein in Amsterdam)

  • There are several famed museums in the Netherlands, including the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, the Anne Frank House (just to name a few) and many more just in Amsterdam. 
  • Visit a coffee shop. You can actually get coffee (and tea) there. 
  • Buy some cheese in a cheese store. Preferably Gouda. There are plenty variations of it, including some more exotic ones. My favourite is a Gouda with green pesto. 
  • Try on some wooden shoes. They are called clogs in the Netherlands. 
  • If you’re in Amsterdam, visit the EYE film museum. 
  • And definitely go see the tulips. 


(The Urban Campground in Amsterdam)

  • There are plenty good options on AirBnB (> click here). When I first came to Amsterdam, I had a booking with the Urban Campground. It was quite a thing at that time. But sand got anywhere. 
  • There are some fine hostels as well, if you want to safe some money. 

Links to the Urban Campground:


  • The currency in the Netherlands is the Euro. 
  • ATMs are located at banks and some train stations. 
  • Some supermarkets (for example some locations of Albert Hein) accept card only. No cash whatsoever. 
  • Always have some small change on you (10,20,50 cent coins), there’s a good chance that you have to pay for using the public restroom. But it probably will be cleaned regularly, said that’s worth paying for, right?


  • You can get a lot of authentic Caribbean food in the Netherlands (Curaçao is Dutch  after all). You should definitely try out some Roti. 
  • The Dutch like to deep fry stuff. You should definitely try try some frikandel, kroketjes and pataat (French Fries). 
  • Also try stroopwaffles (syrup waffles), speculaas (cookies) and Groninger Metworst. 
  • Dutch pancakes rule. 
  • There’s also plenty of fish specialties. 

Useful websites:

So these are my tips for a great Dutch experience. What are yours? Tell me in the comments down below. 

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