It’s finally there. Real RAW shooting on iPhones. 

I waited for this since WWDC last June:


(If you have an iPhone SE, 6s(+) or 7(+) that is.)

To accomplish that, you currently have to use some third party app, like Adobes Lightroom Mobile or Obscura Camera. The used RAW format is Adobes DNG (Digital Negative), the format they implemented a while ago to simplify RAW editing even with older Photoshop versions. 

Android users had this option on high end devices since quite a while now (I think it’s over a year now), and it was time for Apple to offer that feature. 

I really like my iPhone 6s camera, and RAW really has helped me to get more out of it this past few days. Now I’m just waiting for the stock iOS camera app to support RAW shooting as well. 

But how does iPhone RAW stack up against my Canon 100D’s RAW files just size wise?

(My cameras metadata. CR2 is Canons RAW format.)Edit

(iPhone RAW metadata pulled from an image using Googles Snapseed.)

According to the metadata shown above, iPhone RAW files are around 12 megabytes in size compared to my cameras 23 megabytes. But that’s also 18 megapixels on the camera compared to 12 on the iPhone. But 12 megabytes also mean that you should consider shooting RAW only occasionally on lower storage iDevices, like the 16gb iPhones. 

To edit RAW files right on my iPhone, I use Lightroom Mobile (free with Adobe CC abo) or Googles Snapseed (free app). 

Also consider my list on RAW photography here

What’s your opinion on the matter? Do you shoot RAW or JPEG, and why? Tell me in the comments down below. 

(More pictures coming up soon, when I’m done with my current exam phase.)

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