My favourite season of the year. 

Autumn really is my favourite season of the year. Just followed by spring time. 

But this one’s about autumn. 

I really love the colours of this season, and I like the cosines of a nice sweater by the fireplace enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. 

Sure, the weather isn’t as nice as in all the other seasons, and I do love snow, but there’s no denying that autumn is the best season for photography. 

Who doesn’t like a pretty face and pretty colours in the background?

My favourite place to spend autumn is in the forest, in a small cabin with a fireplace. 

My favourite area to spend autumn is Algonquin Park though. Canoeing through the the beautiful area, hiking and getting mentally lost on one of the numerous tracks there. 

I like it even more when it’s Indian Summer. All the pretty colours, but with a more pleasant temperature. 

More pictures of my favourite season of the year coming up soon. 

What’s your favourite season? Tell me in the comments down below. 

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