Vintage trains. 

Yesterday I had physics exams.

But that’s not what I’m gonna talk about.

Because right after the exam was done with, I jumped in the car and drove over to Drei Annen Hohne near Braunlage in Germany’s Harz area.

Now you might wonder:

Why is he going to some place no one has ever heard of?

The answer is: trains. Vintage trains.

Drei Annen Hohne is part of the HSB (> website), also known as Harzer Schmalspurbahnen. In Drei Annen Hohne, the Brockenbahn (to Mount Brocken) diverts from the Harzquerbahn, which runs from Nordhausen to Wernigerode.

It’s a narrow-gauge train originating from the times when Germany still was a divided country. It was in eastern Germany.

When I was younger, I’ve been there quite a few times with my family. Actually, I’ve been there with my grandpa.

Since last year, I had plans to return there. But I never pulled through with them. I simply don’t had the time.

But since exams are over, and the next semester doesn’t start just yet, I decided to finally go back there. Next time I’ll actually take the train though.

How do you prefer to travel? Tell me in the comments down below.

(Drei Annen Hohne Station.)

(A train pulling into the staion.)
(The train getting filled up with water.)
(The trains type plate.)
(The next station from Drei Annen Hohne, Elend. Trivia: Elend means ‘great misery’ in German.)

(Elends station sign.)
(Elends station cat.)

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