Got a new tripod. 

My new tripod arrived yesterday.  And I have to say: I love it.  It's a Manfrotto Befree Aluminum in black and red. And it's way sturdier then my previous cheepo tripod. That one broke two legs two weeks after purchase, and it was quite wobbly since day one.  Now I finally have the ability of… Continue reading Got a new tripod. 

New post on 500px: Late night response.

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30 Second Experiments

New photography series: 30 second experiments.  For this series I take 30 second exposures and try to edit some kind of meaning into them.  Let's always try something new. I dare you to an Instagram challenge. Use the hashtag #30secondexperiments. Also give your work a meaningful title.  This is my first try:

It’s finally there. Real RAW shooting on iPhones. 

I waited for this since WWDC last June: RAW SHOOTING ON IPHONE! (If you have an iPhone SE, 6s(+) or 7(+) that is.) To accomplish that, you currently have to use some third party app, like Adobes Lightroom Mobile or Obscura Camera. The used RAW format is Adobes DNG (Digital Negative), the format they implemented… Continue reading It’s finally there. Real RAW shooting on iPhones. 

New post on 500px: Hello, new Porsche.

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Tips for traveling: Sweden. 

I've been to Sweden with my family numerous times since I can remember. The longest for 6 weeks at a time.  Sadly, the last time I came to visit this lovely Nordic country for the last time to date in 2013.  After that I travelled Canada, the United States and the Netherlands. But I never… Continue reading Tips for traveling: Sweden. 

How to get a Bloglovin button on your blog. doesn't support Bloglovin's official widget, but I found a way around that dilemma by reading several help blogs.  But this is an easy one: Just copy and paste the following code: Just make sure you replace 'link' with your actual Bloglovin profile/blog link.  <a href="link "><img src="" alt="Follow me on Bloglovin"></a> This pretty much… Continue reading How to get a Bloglovin button on your blog. 

OTTO 2016

Yesterday OTTO happened once again.  OTTO is an annual Oldtimer meeting in Osterode am Harz, Germany.  This year was the 16th edition. And cars aging 20 years or older were allowed to take part in the happening.  But before I wandered through lines of classic cars, I did my duty as a citizen and voted… Continue reading OTTO 2016


And also, never let anything like this happen ever again.  Humanity lost to many good people on that day. Some where firefighters, some cops, some just going about their daily work routine.  Ladder 3 was one of many FDNY units that responded in order to make a difference. To be that tiny drop that could… Continue reading NEVER FORGET