Hamburg: Pictures

Here are the pictures I promised earlier. Some random images:

Hamburg: Day Two 

Today started early. And by early I mean really early. At around 7:30am.  I had breakfast at the hostel and then left for the Hamburg Museum. I got lost in a park and arrived at the museum at 9:45am. And I was early. It didn't open until 10:00am.  I was there just about two hours,… Continue reading Hamburg: Day Two 

Hamburg: Day One 

My journey to Hamburg started when I boarded the local train from Osterode at 9:47am. But really it started on Monday when I made my reservations for transportation and accommodation. I arrived at Hamburg's Central train station at around 2pm. What meant that I was able to check into the hostel right away after I had helped… Continue reading Hamburg: Day One 

Going to Hamburg this Friday. 

And I'm going for two days. Three if I can lengthen my hostel reservation. 

Been to Oschersleben. 

Yesterday, I've visited a place called Oschersleben in Saxony-Anhalt with some friends.  The exact place where I've been is the local Motorsport Arena. It was ADAC GT Masters day. And we had a great deal of fun on the venues Go-Cart track.  Here are some pictures:

They found a tank shell in my hometown. 

> Police Announcement (German) Since I live in Germany, I have learned a lot about the crimes of the Third Reich.  I've also learned a lot about the misery that German civilians went through, particularly to the end of World War II.  So it didn't really came a surprise when they found what they suspected… Continue reading They found a tank shell in my hometown. 

People who hit and run. 

Some people are just jerks. Some people just care about themselves.  Some people damage other people's property for fun. Or they just run off because no one will probably ever catch them.  Even if you go to the police.  There just aren't any witnesses or any real evidence.  Those people should burn in hell or… Continue reading People who hit and run. 

Maybe going to Hamburg soon. 

I really love Hamburg, and I'm probably going there within the next two weeks. At least for one or two days. 

My everlasting desire to travel. 

Since I traveled without my family for the first considerable time back in 2014, I always had that craving to do more, that feeling of wanderlust that can't be quite satisfied. Whenever I'm stuck in one place for whatever reason, I need to get out of there. I think it's some kind of global claustrophobia.… Continue reading My everlasting desire to travel.