Been to an amusement park yesterday. 

Yesterday I’ve been to the Heidepark amusement park in Soltau, Germany with some friends. I haven’t been to an amusement park since I visited the Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland (> website) back in October 2014 (on the day after that awful parking lot stabbing incident {> Toronto Sun}). 

Even though the weather wasn’t exactly good, we had a great deal of fun. 

On the other side: it’s easier to wait in line when it’s not that hot. 

The bad: my favourite roller coaster, Colossus, was closed for repairs. According to the park, it’s Europe’s largest wooden roller coaster. 

The good: wait times overall where shorter than expected/ announced. Except for the Kraken, where we waited almost an hour. 

Get tickets and your Express Butler (VIP entry, we didn’t bothered to pay the extra.) here: Heide Park Resort (> website)

Tell me your amusement park experience in the comments down below. 

(Colossus ‘Mountain’-section.)
(Riding the monorail.)
(The park from the monorail.)
(The Kraken.)
(Dragons toothless.)
(Capitol Pizza & Pasta.)
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