Hamburg: Day One 

My journey to Hamburg started when I boarded the local train from Osterode at 9:47am.

But really it started on Monday when I made my reservations for transportation and accommodation.

I arrived at Hamburg’s Central train station at around 2pm. What meant that I was able to check into the hostel right away after I had helped myself to something for lunch.

I’m staying at one of the A&O Hostels. It’s quite a nice hostel. (> website)

Then I took a scenic tour with one of the Alsterboats. That took me an hour. I didn’t take many pictures of that because it was a closed boat, so there are ugly reflections in all of them.

After that, I went out on a journey to grab some dinner. I went to the Schanzenviertel district for that and found quite a nice burger joint. It’s called ‘The Burger Lab’ and I can really recommend their Brie Burger with extra bacon. (> yelp)

In the end of the day, I took some long exposures in the Speicherstadt area for you to enjoy.

I’ll post those later, as the free wifi at the hostel isn’t that fast (2mb/s max). I might buy me some premium wifi access tomorrow, as it is ‘only’ 5€ per day.

Check out my Instagram in the meantime, as I’ve put some pictures on there: @robin_ho_fotos.

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