Hamburg: Day Two 

Today started early. And by early I mean really early. At around 7:30am. 

I had breakfast at the hostel and then left for the Hamburg Museum. I got lost in a park and arrived at the museum at 9:45am. And I was early. It didn’t open until 10:00am. 

I was there just about two hours, when it pulled me away again. 

I then strolled along Reeperbahn, but I couldn’t really recommend it, because it smells after beer and barf. 

Then I visited the area where the fish market is held every Sunday morning. To bad I can’t make. My bus home leaves at 9:00am. 

In between I took the ‘large’ harbour cruise, which took me an hour and was way to expensive. 

I then had a piece of cake of my Starbucks gift card and went through Deichstraße (where the great fire of 1842 started). 

From there I went through Speicherstadt to the customs museum. That museum actually is a branch of the German Zoll (Customs Enforcement Agency) as a part of their publicity division. 

It’s quite interesting with what kinds of hiding places smugglers can come up with. And it’s only 2€ entrance. 
Then I crossed the Elbe via the old St. Pauli Elbtunnel. It’s free for pedestrians, and the tunnel is over a hundred years old. 

After that I went to Hamburg’s Dockland, it’s one of the cities cruise ship terminals, to watch the passing of the AIDAprima cruise ship. It was to late, so I almost missed the ferry back to the hostel. 

Pictures later. 

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