I tried my best. 

I tried my best for Mondays super moon. I really did. 
But plans don’t always work out exactly how they where planned. 

Issues I ran into where:

  1.  The moon was smaller then I had anticipated. 
  2. The sky was overcast/ it was very cloudy in my hometown. 

I’m fine with the results I got, but I definitely could have done better. 

My camera settings where the following:

  • Manual mode 
  • 250mm
  • ƒ/11.0
  • ISO 100
  • MF to ∞ 

And I used my tripod.  

I achieved it by merging 6 photos or so into one HDR file with Lightroom. And that file was huge. 

Tell me your thoughts on last Mondays super moon/ moon/ Astro photography. What gear do you use?

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