General tips for traveling. 

I really do love traveling. 

But every journey needs to start somewhere and some things need preparation. 

And some things don’t. 

Here is how I travel. 

Before the journey begins:

  • Book accommodation. It’s good to have a place to go after spending some good time exploring. 
  • Book transit. You need to get there. 
  • Get some currency, if it differs from your own. It’s always good to have some cash with you. 
  • Inform yourself about local attractions. 
  • But don’t plan to much. That would take the fun out of the adventure. 
  • Pack light. Only take what you’re going to use without any doubt. Don’t forget to bring your camera though. And maybe a small tripod/ monopod. Don’t forget your passport though, as you might need it. 

When you’re there:

  • Take care of your belongings. I mean it. Pickpockets are everywhere. 
  • Don’t have to much cash on you. Cards can always be locked when stolen, cash would be gone forever. If you really need some cash, look out for a handy little ATM. The ones at banks are usually safer to use and have lower fees than privately owned ones. 
  • Don’t let the tourist hang out to much. Sometimes I even got mistaken for a local. Locals are robbed less than tourists, because they have the time to go through the lengthy police processes. Tourists have to go home after a while. 
  • Use stealthy gear. Like standard backpacks for your camera gear. 
  • Don’t buy to much touristy stuff. No one will ever look at it again. And it weighs down your bag. That matters especially for air travels. 

Blog about it when you’re into that kind of stuff. Use social networks. But never give away your home address, criminals are on the lookout for ‘abandoned’ homes. 

What do you pack for traveling? Do you prefer to pack light, or are you like the other half of humanity, always taking all your belongings on a journey? Tell me in the comments down below. 

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