I love my new backpack. 

A few months ago, I found myself wanting (and needing) a new backpack.

After some consideration, and some research, I chose Haglöfs Corker Large in Hurricane Blue, as it is made entirely from recycled materials, and it looks great.

> The backpack on haglofs.com

I found what seemed to be a great offer on a website that I’m not going to disclose, and ordered it off there. It was on October 8th, 2016.

I paid for it and got an email that shipping could take up to a week due to high demand. I wrote an email requesting a speedier processing of my order.

That was when my ordeal started.

Emails went back and forth on a weekly base, me asking when the backpack would ship, them telling me, it would be the next week.

I haven’t had heard of them in over a week, nor had I got any kind of shipping confirmation, when the backpack finally arrived yesterday (December 2nd, 2016).

I had figured that I wouldn’t get either my order nor my money back at that time, and after reading some rather nasty reviews on that website online.

I’m not going to order off THAT website ever again. Even if it’s saving me 30€ over Amazon.

Did you have some bad online shopping experience? Tell me in the comments down below.

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