When did it become uncool to use turn signals?

For some, driving cars is a necessity in their daily lives. 

But driving cars can be dangerous, especially when no one knows where other cars around them are going to go. 

That’s why some rather intelligent people invented the turn signal some decades ago, and why it is mandatory in cars since quite a while, too. 

Remember that switchy thing on the left of your steering wheel? The one you use to turn on your high beams? It doesn’t only do that. It’s also your turn signal. 

It isn’t just something fancy that’s just there, it’s your only way to tell others where you intend to go. 

In some countries (= in most countries) it is even mandatory to signal when you change directions, or change your lane, or unpark your car. Or when you want to go onto an entirely different street then the one you where on before, e.g. when you turn left or right. 

It’s not a thing you can do when you want to, or when you remember it. 

It’s a thing you should do. For your own good. And more importantly ours. 

I guess we’re lucky that brake lights come on automatically. 

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