Things I miss from Canada.

As I’ve spent a good year in Canada between April 2014 and April 2015, I came to love a lot of things Canadian, that are just plain unavailable in Germany or come with ridiculously high shipping costs.

It’s a long way across that big pond called the ‘Atlantic Ocean’, and sometimes I just want to go back and stay forever.

Here are some of the things I miss the most:

  • Tim Hortons: Tim Hortons is just like Dunkin Donuts, except, it isn’t. And I can’t get it here in Germany. Or does anyone fancy sending me over some Timbits?
  • Canadian people are just friendlier than the common German, I also miss my Canadian friends. A lot.
  • I miss free movies with my scene card (I know that it’s not plain Canadian, but I really love free stuff, and who really doesn’t love free stuff?)
  • Canadian Money just is prettier than the Euro. And it doesn’t rip. At least those fancy polymer bills.
  • Speaking English is also a thing I wish I could do more frequently. I know, this is also a non-Canadian thing, but there aren’t many English speakers around here in Germany. I also miss the Canadian ‘eh’. As in: “I could really use some Timbits, eh!” Just by the way: no Canadian says ‘aboot’, except for those New Foundies, eh?
  • I’d love to have real winters here. I had my first white Christmas in a long time whilst being in British Columbia. (That province where Vancouver is, and also some world class ski resorts, like Whistler, Revelstoke or Blue River.)
  • And I miss Algonquin Park, Toronto and Vancouver, and those are things you really can get in Canada only.
  • Last August, I ripped my Roots Hoodie. It was quite expensive over in Canada, but shipping fees are just horrendous.
  • There’s a variety of TV shows that I can’t receive over here. But the ones I miss the most are: Republic of Doyle, The Rick Mercer Report, Murdoch Mysteries and The National with Peter Mansbridge (or however he was called). And Trailer Park Boys. 

What would you miss from your home country or a country where you feel at home? Tel me in the comments down below.

UPDATE: a small bird told that I forgot the thing I unconsciously miss the most, farming on WOTI surrounded by flocks of dogs, chicken and cats. And some of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. 


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