Things I don’t miss from Canada. 

First: there’s also a post about the things I do miss from Canada. Find it here.

I do miss the country of my dreams, my home and native land (inspired by O! Canada). Lately, I tend to miss it a lot. Mostly the friends (and WOTIs 😁) I left behind.

But as always, there are two sides of the medal.

What means, that there are a few things Canadian that totally bug me.

Here they are:

  • Sales taxes/ value added taxes are quite different. I don’t mind the taxes themselves, but having to do the maths and add them to the tagged prices absolutely bums me. You have to remember the province you’re in and the tax that you have to pay. That’s easier in Germany, as the taxes are usually used included on the price tag. It’s also written out on your receipt in any way. But sales taxes are generally higher in Germany.
  • Trains mostly do not exist. I guess that’s because of the huge distances that would need to be covered. But: The Canadian from Toronto to Vancouver is supposed to be awesome. And southern Ontario has a working system in place (GO Transit).
  • Bank service fees are high. I mean, CA$ 30 for unlimited checking? Or a dollar for each transaction when you go over your 8 (or so) transaction limit on the cheapest plan? For real?
  • Cell coverage can be poor. But that’s also a thing that can be good for a while. 
  • Sometimes, Canadians are just too polite.

What do you absolutely dislike about your favourite country? Tell me in the comments down below.

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