2016 ain’t long no more. 

For me, 2016 has been a year of change.

It started off in Amsterdam, where I celebrated New Years with some friends.

Then I figured out that I had failed my first semester of university.

My grandpa died. I miss him really much. But he had been sick for a while, and I guess it was better that way.

After that, I went on yet another journey. This time to Hamburg.

I got my new watch.

Then I went on to go on several other journeys. For example to CeBIT in Hanover, Formula E in Berlin and to a university excursion to Cologne.

I’ve been involved with building an electric race car for Formula Student. I built the dashboard. And even though it doesn’t drive, it was a great experience.

I started blogging again this August. And it’s quite nice to be able to at least write in English once in a while.

I then visited several racing events. The best being Formula Student Germany in Hockenheim on August 10 or so.

I also had some successful exams in university, what is really great.

Then I’ve been to Hamburg for a second time. It was great.

I struggled to get my new backpack after I had ordered (and paid) it. It took 2 months to get to me.

Places I’ve been:

Amsterdam  Utrecht  Hamburg (1st) Cologne  Berlin  Hockenheimring  Oschersleben  Hamburg (2nd)

Things I didn’t expect to happen:

  • Brexit
  • Donald Trump (him running for US presidency, AND getting elected)
  • Standing Rock Protests. Because water is sacred, the source of all life, and should be treated as if everything depends on it. Because it does. Everything depends on water.  #nodapl

That was my 2016. What did you do? What was your best experience? Tell me in the comments down below.

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