I want to go back to Toronto. 

Ever since I first layd foot on Canadian soil in Toronto, Ontario, I had a strong desire to come back over and over again. 

And I did. I spent a lot of 2014 (April to June and parts of September.) there. 

I volunteered for the local film festival. (> TIFF) I even left my payed job in Algonquin Park for that (but I returned there for the rest of the season.). 

The last time I had the pleasure of spending some time in the six was in mid April 2015. Almost 2 years ago. 

And the desire to go back grew over time. 

And now I wish I had the time, as flights are as low as 400€ round trip. 

But for now I have to focus on university. And save up all the money I can to go back. But only if I haven’t saved up enough for Svalbard. In that case, it would take me another few years to get back to Toronto. 

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