I’m obsessed with Canada. 

It all started back in 2014.

The year I went there to start my biggest adventure in my life.

That was my year abroad.

And I got quickly obsessed with the country and it’s people.

I made some (several) friends.

I loved it.

Canada truly felt like my home and native land.

Don’t get me wrong. It never has been a blind obsession, like some Germans have on Majorca, or others have on Sweden.

I know life isn’t easy anywhere. I know that you have to speak the language to get anywhere in a foreign country.

You just can’t expect people to speak yours everywhere you go (a lot of Germans do just that. Expecting everyone to speak German.).

But I’m a little off here.

I know what to expect from life in Canada. I really do.

And I still want to go back and stay forever.

But for now all I can do is saving up some money (okay, a whole lotta money) for a semester abroad (probably not going to happen, but who knows?) or at least a road trip.

I really want to experience the true north all over again.

And I have a real bad craving for poutine at the moment.

Are you obsessed with any country, or are you obsessed with Canada as well?

Tell me in the comments down below.

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