I just got myself a 35mm SLR. 

I really just was bored as I looked up 35mm SLR cameras on EBay Kleinanzeigen (> Classifieds). 

I never thought I’d actually buy one. But I did. I bought my first ‘full frame’ SLR.

I got it for just under 50€. With a bag, a ‘speed lite’, 3 lenses (28,50 and 135mm primes) and some filters. So it was pretty much a great deal. Only that the aperture on the 28mm lens somehow broke on my way home. 

It’s a Pentax ME by the way, a little bit more basic than the ME Super or other SLR cameras of the time, but good enough for me. 

That’s almost half a year ago now. I had totally forgotten about that thing sitting on my shelf. 

But yesterday I finally went out and got myself some rolls of 35mm 36 exposure film. So I can give it a test drive. 

(The 50mm lens with a 3 pack of Kodak Gold Colour (ISO 200) and one roll of AGFA APX B&W (ISO 400).)

And the good thing is: It doesn’t use power, except for two button cells that power the aperture priority mode. They last pretty much forever. But the camera also works with no power at all. Then it’s limited to 1/125 seconds or bulb mode. 

More pictures of the camera, and possibly some shot with the camera, coming soon. 


> EBay Kleinanzeigen (German)

> Pentax ME Review on Ken Rockwell’ site

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