Toronto: My favourite Canadian city. 

When I decided to go to Canada for my year abroad, I chose Toronto as my starting point.  Mostly because it was cheaper then flying into Vancouver.  I'm not saying that I dislike Vancouver. In fact, I could imagine living. But I like Toronto just a little more:) And yes, the TTC subway system isn't… Continue reading Toronto: My favourite Canadian city. 

Why I like Berlin. 

Berlin... the political centre of Germany. And also it's largest city, at least population-wise. It's the multicultural, hustling something called an urban centre.  There's everything, from street culture to normal culture. You can go from clubbing, to sightseeing and culture, all in one day.  But if you're like me, and your not really into clubbing,… Continue reading Why I like Berlin. 

Waarom zou u bezoekt Utrecht?

English title: Why should you visit Utrecht? (Translated to Dutch with Google) Utrecht isn't only the 4th largest city in the laid-back country that is the Netherlands, it's also very much my favourite. And way quieter than it's overflowing neighbour to the north, Amsterdam. At least tourist wise.  You can even use your OV card… Continue reading Waarom zou u bezoekt Utrecht?

Just a few pictures. 

I'm just going to leave you with a few pictures and my new logo here.  The logo is made with Adobe Spark Post, the overlay with Pixelmator on my iPhone, and most pictures, except for the church (the Kölner Dom is shot with my camera though), are shot with my Canon EOS100D.  A cyclist in… Continue reading Just a few pictures.