Why I like Berlin. 

Berlin… the political centre of Germany. And also it’s largest city, at least population-wise. It’s the multicultural, hustling something called an urban centre. 

There’s everything, from street culture to normal culture. You can go from clubbing, to sightseeing and culture, all in one day. 

But if you’re like me, and your not really into clubbing, you can easily spend days wandering around in the city that never sleeps. You can also get lost in one of the many museums Berlin has to offer. The largest ones are located on the Museumsinsel (literally ‘museum island’). 

There are also plenty of parks to be discovered. 

Want to see it allows from above? You can visit the observation deck at Potsdamer Platz, or spend hours in line at the Fernsehturm, if you forgot to book in advance. 

Or you climb the Siegessäule. It’s the cheapest alternative. If you’re willing to take the 285 steps up, the view is fantastic. 

If you’re into motorsports, you might be interested in the annual FIA Formula E Berlin ePrix. The race track is located right at the bottom of the Fernsehturm. 

After that you can take the Ringbahn from Berlin Gesundbrunnen station. For dinner it’s best to enjoy a Berlinian original. A Currywurst with Fassbrause. Maybe at Curry 36 in Kreuzberg. 

Or you sample yourself away in the culinary department of the KaDeWe. 

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