Tips for street photography.

heirI love it to photograph life as it happens. Street photography is a great asset to history, and it has been since the advent of small factor cameras. It helps capture life as it happens. It's pure, but not unbiased, depending on the photographer. But of course, there are some things to take into consideration. First of… Continue reading Tips for street photography.

How I edit my photos. 

Just to let you know: I do edit every photo I share online. Weather it's just for Instagram or if I put it up on EyeEm or 500px, I tweak it until feels right. Before I got my Creative Cloud subscription, I mostly used Snapseed to process my images. Sometimes I still do. It's still a very intuitive… Continue reading How I edit my photos. 

Why I love photography. 

After traveling, photography is my favourite thing to do with my free time. I get to do it way more than the first one, though. It's the creative outlet that I never had before. For me, it's easier than videography, but I'm starting to get a hang of that. Before I started this blog I… Continue reading Why I love photography. 

How to get around in Germany. 

When traveling in Germany, you have many options. You can drive, fly, take the bus or ride a train. If you are lucky enough to get a ride share (like a BlaBlaCar), that is always an option to consider just from a price point. If you're unlucky, but you still want to save money, you have… Continue reading How to get around in Germany. 

Why I shoot RAW. 

I shoot RAW. - Jared Polin A quote that in itself doesn't say a lot. But when you see it in context, it makes much more sense. First, you might ask what RAW is. The simplest answer to that would be that your camera stores what it sees without compressing the data like it would do… Continue reading Why I shoot RAW. 

Get your accommodation sorted out before you travel. 

As much as I love traveling, I hate uncertainty. Mostly when it comes to accommodation.  I love to be spontaneous when I travel, but I always get a bed before I start my journey, so I mostly limit my spontanity to my day activities. You probably wouldn't enjoy exploring as much when you don't know… Continue reading Get your accommodation sorted out before you travel. 

Tips for long exposure photography. 

I love those nice long exposure shots. Soft waters, light trails you name it.  Here are some tips on long exposure photography.  You'll definitely need a tripod. When your exposure is measured in seconds, things get shaky fast. So get yourself a nice, sturdy tripod.  Get a remote or cable release to avoid camera shake.… Continue reading Tips for long exposure photography. 

Try local food. 

Of course it might feel intriguing to just eat what you're used to when going abroad. Like McDonald's or something like that. But trust me. You're missing out on a whole new world of tastes. You now people who never leave their hometown, because they're afraid of change? That's pretty much the same. Just in… Continue reading Try local food. 

NYC was awesome. 

Back in 2015, the first thing I saw of New York City was Penn Station. I have to say, I really don't liked Penn Station. It was dark, it was ugly and it was dirty.  When I came to Times Square for the first time, my mind changed. I felt like a part of the… Continue reading NYC was awesome. 

Walk off the beaten path. 

I consider myself a traveler.  One thing that distinguishes us travelers from tourists is that we don't stick to tourist areas while on vacation. We dare to walk on the beaten path, to go where no foreigner has ever gone. Off course we also visit some attractions, they are still attractions for a reason. But… Continue reading Walk off the beaten path.