I love my new mobile lens. 

A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to try out some clip on lenses for my phone. Those were very cheap, around 12€, but had two mayor drawbacks.

  1. They didn’t fit my iPhone with a case. 
  2. The was not satisfied with the image quality. It straight out sucked. 

Those lenses suffered extremely from chromatic aberration and washed out colours. It was bad. 
Last week then, my Canadian themed iPhone case desintegrated. It just fell apart. 

I had some cash on the bank that I saved for a new lens. I used it for a Moment® Photo Case and a Moment® wide angle lens. It is an 18mm equivalent, or approximately.6x the standard iPhone cameras 28mm. 

It would have been around 100USD + shipping and import (to Germany), or around 120€ directly off the Moment® webshop. I was prepared to order it. But then I got it off eBay for 65€. From someone who gets the new Version 2 for his iPhone 7 from Kickstarter. 

I could have gotten the same thing, but I don’t like the fact that their new Photo Case for iPhone 6s lacks the physical shutter button. 

Check out the Moment® website if you want to have more information or buy your own lens or case. 

I will post some sample pictures, including a comperation between the wide lens and the standard iPhone lens, later. 

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