Try local food. 

Of course it might feel intriguing to just eat what you’re used to when going abroad. Like McDonald’s or something like that.

But trust me. You’re missing out on a whole new world of tastes. You now people who never leave their hometown, because they’re afraid of change? That’s pretty much the same. Just in another colour. And isn’t the purpose of traveling to learn something new? To broaden your horizon?

So get out there and try out something new.

Even if you don’t understand the name, and obviously don’t know what it is, you should still try it.

For example, when I first heard of poutine, a Canadian staple, I totally misunderstood the name. I thought it was something with turkey, because I was still thinking German, and poutine somehow sounded like Pute (Turkey 🦃 in German). I was off by miles. I mean, poutine is still delicious, but it’s not turkey. It’s french fries with cheese curds and warm gravy. It even comes with all sorts of ‘toppings’, like bacon, pulled pork or, yes, turkey. It became my Canadian favourite. After a nice pea meal bacon sandwich.

Or Roti. It’s some kind of Thai pancake that you eat with all kinds of curries. It’s so good. I ate it in the Netherlands, but still. And deep fried food isn’t good for me.

Get it? I would have never known that I loved poutine if I didn’t try it. I would have never eaten Roti, if it wouldn’t be for a friend who dared me.

So again: Go out there and try some food you never ate before. Also tell me your favourite foreign food in the comments down below.

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