Tips for long exposure photography. 

I love those nice long exposure shots. Soft waters, light trails you name it. 

Here are some tips on long exposure photography. 

  1. You’ll definitely need a tripod. When your exposure is measured in seconds, things get shaky fast. So get yourself a nice, sturdy tripod. 
  2. Get a remote or cable release to avoid camera shake. I use a Triggertrap dongle (get yours here). You can even use their app to set exposure time when your in bulb mode. 
  3. Shoot in RAW. With RAW, you have more possibilities in post production. In fact, always shoot RAW. 
  4. Edit your pictures to bring out your part of the image. Editing brings your images to life and further enhances your story. But overdoing it can break it. Except for when that’s your desired effect. If it doesn’t look right, try it in black and white. 

This one is optional:

  • Enable your cameras long exposure noise reduction function. It will overlay the darkest areas with pure black. Sometimes it helps, but most times I don’t use it. 

What do you think about long exposure photography? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you have more tips to share? Tell me in the comments down below. 

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