Why I love photography. 

After traveling, photography is my favourite thing to do with my free time. I get to do it way more than the first one, though.

It’s the creative outlet that I never had before. For me, it’s easier than videography, but I’m starting to get a hang of that. Before I started this blog I almost started a YouTube talk show. I probably wouldn’t have gotten anyone on that show. I’ll probably start a YouTube channel anyways. Maybe within the next month or two.

But I’m drifting away.

I love photography because it enables me to tell a story without many words. It also enables me to show off what I do on my travels. I wish I could do more people photos, though. I really love portraiting. Outdoors, with a beautiful backdrop of nature and loads of light. Whenever I take a shot I think, that it probably would look awesome with a head, a person or two in it. I just never really asked anyone.

I also tend to enjoy street photography. Capturing life as it happens. I’m not a fan of typical photo poses. I mostly do that in black and white. I’m really into black and white photography.

I always shoot RAW. It gives me more editing flexibility. And I edit every picture I share. Except for when it’s the quest to upload an unedited picture. Editing helps me to further enhance my story. I don’t play with people too much, though. I want to deliver the real thing.

I also have a film camera. I would use it more, if 36 images wouldn’t be over 20€, for the film and the lab. Getting digital printed is cheaper. And I do print my favourite photographs. I like it to have something in my hands, something that I can show around more easily.

I really just love it to capture the world.

What do you think about photography? What’s your favourite thing about it? Tell me in the comments down below.

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