How I edit my photos. 

Just to let you know: I do edit every photo I share online. Weather it’s just for Instagram or if I put it up on EyeEm or 500px, I tweak it until feels right.

Before I got my Creative Cloud subscription, I mostly used Snapseed to process my images. Sometimes I still do. It’s still a very intuitive way of editing.

But since I got CC, I mostly use Lightroom on both my iPhone and my MacBook Pro. The largest drawback of Snapseed was, that it’s mobile only. I also use Photoshop, but currently not as much.

When I edit, I almost always bring down the highlights, rescue the shadows and up the contrast a bit. But just until it looks right to me. Then I darken the blacks and light up the whites. When I want to get the image brighter, I also light up the blacks.

Then I play with vibrance and saturation a bit. For black and white, for example, I mostly don’t use filters. I turn down the vibrance and saturation levels by 100, and then I up the vibrance again until I like it. Sometimes I keep both at -100. Did I tell you that I love black and white photography? Well, I do. Especially for street photography, when there are people in the frame.

When there’s excessive noise, I turn that down, or I convert to black and white and make it look like film grain.

When I want to add text, I use Adobe Spark Post for that. It’s a free app, but the texts sharpness is unrivaled. Especially in Snapseed text has kind of a soft edge to it, and you’re very limited in font and shape. That’s why I ditched it for the Adobe app. I still use Snapseed for post-postproduction though. It has a nice new double exposure feature.

I also used Pixelmator back in the day, but it can’t do vectorized graphics. That’s why I got my Creative Cloud photography plan in the first place.

And by the way: I always shoot RAW to have more editing flexibility. See my post ‘Why I shoot RAW’ to find out more.

So how do you edit your imagery? Do you use free apps like Snapseed? One time pay apps like Pixelmator? Or do you go photography/ full creative cloud? Tell me in the comments down below.

(Edited with Lightroom mobile, text with Adobe Spark Post.)

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