Tips for street photography.

heirI love it to photograph life as it happens. Street photography is a great asset to history, and it has been since the advent of small factor cameras. It helps capture life as it happens. It’s pure, but not unbiased, depending on the photographer. But of course, there are some things to take into consideration.

First of all, you should always be considerate. Don’t just photograph anyone and anything. Sometimes it’s. not worth the shot to be followed by an angry mob. In fact, it never is. Consider the cultural aspects, but more importantly the legal aspects of photography in the area your traveling to. Also, don’t hinder people in their everyday lives.

If you want to capture the real life, try to be stealthy. Nothing intimidates people more than someone with a huge camera. They might act differently if they notice you taking pictures around them. Make them feel more comfortable in their everyday lives. You could pretend you’re just checking some images, or to shoot something else. The best thing would be if the people you want to photograph is distracted, for example by their phones. I would bring some lenses to cover a variety of situations anyways.

I tend to edit my street photos into black and white. I also never focus on one person alone. I’m more of the large crowd photographer. When I started photography, I was totally uncomfortable with people entering my frame. I just started to enjoy street photography while waiting for a friend at Amsterdams central train station, and it’s grown to be one of my favourite kinds of photography while traveling.

What do you think of street photography? Do you love it or hate it? Tell me in the comments down below.

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