Why should you travel as a university student. 

I love traveling. And doing so as a university student brings some perks with it. So here is why you should travel why you still go to university.

The most obvious perk is of course that since you’re a student, you get student discounts. Sometimes those discounts don’t make that much of a difference, but sometimes they’re huge. I advise you to get an ISIC, or international student identification card, though. Not all university IDs are printed in English, and some places even require an ISIC card for foreign students. They’re not too expensive and are usually valid for a year.

You also have more time to travel when you are still studying. It might not seem that way, but when you finally have a job, you have less time than when you still went to university. Why not combine traveling with a foreign exchange semester?

So go get your passport out and travel while you’re still young and have the time.

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