How to travel like a champion. 

In response to a daily writing prompt themed ‘Champion‘.

I’m not talking sports champions. I’m not one. I wouldn’t know what to write.

But I do consider me a travel champion when it comes to saving money. And saving money is key.

Whenever possible I try to get discounts on everything. When I get a discount or at least a good offer, I’ll probably go somewhere else. I still get to go to my chosen destination, but I might not visit all the museums and do everything on foot. I walk a lot while traveling anyways.

Of course, you would need to get to your destination first. And for that, I always look for the cheapest fare. Find how to get around in Germany here.

Food would be another price point. Whenever possible, I search for accommodations where one can cook for oneself. It’s always cheaper to get something at the supermarket than to eat out every day.

Accommodation can easily make the highest impact on your bank account. I mostly go hosteling, as it is generally the cheapest alternative. And when I travel, I only need to have a place to sleep at night. Another great way to save money would be CouchSurfing, but I never really got the idea of that.

I mostly also save money by exploring the area and not going to fancy places. But sometimes I just can’t help myself. Then I visit a museum or two. Luckily I’m still a university student and get discounts at some, sadly not all, locations.

So how would you travel to consider yourself a ‘travel champion’? Tell me in the comments down below.

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2 thoughts on “How to travel like a champion. ”

  1. It’s much easier today with the internet to google deals and find cheap accomodation; before you relied heavily on travel agents…
    the key is research and check out reviews on sites such as trip adviser; it’s all part of the fun!

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