I definitely need to get a microphone. 

A few days ago, I had decided to do some video for my new YouTube channel. I ended up uploading some old footage from 2014, because the audio coming out of my camera just wasn’t good. 

Even the audio recording menu on the camera tells me to use an external microphone, as the internal might pick up the autofocus sounds and isn’t really good at noise rejection at all. It also sits on top of the camera rather then on it’s front. 

After some consideration, and much more research I decided to get myself a Røde VideoMicro. I’m currently on a budget, and I always try to save up money for traveling anyways, but that also limited my options. I decided for the VideoMicro over the VideoMic Go mostly because reviews found it to be better than the go. Even Røde acknowledges that the VideoMicro has better RF shielding then the Go, since it’s made from aluminum. And it’s the only one to include a dead cat style windmuff. For the GO that would be 30€ extra on Amazon. So my decision was actually quite easy. 

What kind of microphone would you get? Tell me in the comments down below. 

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