I gøt my micrøphøne. 

You may remember that I recently put some live in my YouTube channel with uploading two throwback videos. You may also remember that I wanted to get a microphone to improve on my DSLRs audio. 

Today it arrived. Of course the Amazon box was 10 times the size necessary. What a waste. The mic’s box itself was quite small actually. The mic was in the windmuff, but I had to disassemble that to put on the Rycote mount. It fits into my cameras hot shoe quite nicely. The build quality is superb. 

So far I’m quite impressed by my little VideoMicro. I was a bit sceptical at first, as I had heard that Canon pre-amps aren’t all that good. It’s definitely not stellar, but way better then I had anticipated. 

I’ll upload some footage to my YouTube channel within this week. 

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